The purpose of this association is to enhance, promote, develop, and empower the residents of dagupan and the rest of pangasinan towards building a manpower pool of world class it experts.

The goal of the UPICT is to become the leading authority and provider of access to information and communication technology through the use of conferences, trainings, research and workshops.

Join The Council

Membership Type

We have Facebook Community Members and registered Council members. Everyone is encouraged to join the Facebook Group, with URL link https://www.facebook.com/groups/United.PICT
Everyone can freely join the facebook group.
Registered council members are directors, regular members and associate members (no voting rights). To complete the registration of the Council members, they need to pay the annual membership fee.

Membership Benefits

Ideally, the Council members should spend 70% of their participation in supporting the mission and vision of Council. The remaining 30% should be for their self-interest or benefits.
Below are some of the benefits of a registered member.
1. Council members will be prioritized for opportunities related to training or jobs.
2. Associate members are mostly students. They have the opportunity to apply to the OJT program of UPICT.
3. Council members will have free or discounted rates in seminars, trainings and other events.
4. UPICT is recognized by LGU and various IT groups such as NICP, IBPAP, HIMAP, and so on. Council members will reap the benefits of networking from the connections of the Council.
5. Council members can freely promote their business or livelihood in the social media account of UPICT.
6. Council members can request for a Membership Certification.
7. Council members will be constantly updated with the status of the Council and shall have access in the financial matters of the group.
8. Council members will have the opportunity to acquire valid IDs and official Org shirt.
9. If appointed, Council members can attend special meetings with the local government units (LGUs) or the national government such as DICT, DTI, DOST or NEDA.
10. Council members are permitted to declare their UPICT affiliation in their resume and portfolio.