The virus that changed everything.

With more than twenty-eight million infected individuals and more than nine hundred thousand lives perished around the globe, do you still feel somewhat safe from the coronavirus? 

The Philippines currently has the highest active cases of COVID-19 in Southeast Asia. Many workers lost their jobs, while others were placed under floating status, with little to zero assurance that they can come back. Sadly, some lost their only source of income.

We were struck just like that by an invisible enemy. We got nowhere to hide and nowhere to go. It might be just a matter of time until you, your loved one, or someone close to you be infected by this unseen foe.

Do you think you are fully prepared when that time comes? Have you started to accept that you are currently living in the new normal? The new normal with a lot of precautions, limitations, and restrictions. The new normal that only the fittest and most practical will survive.

If you’re not, then you better start preparing.

Gone were the days when we can walk outside without a mask, travel anywhere we want or enjoy leisure activities any time we want.

Let us face it! THIS IS THE NEW NORMAL.

I like to share something with you. I am Caesar Bryan Samareta, and you can call me Bryan. I am working for two European companies based in the UK and the Netherlands as their Vice President for Business Development and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, respectively. I am working from home since 2018 with my little one and my lovely wife. 

Here in the Philippines, working from home is not the norm back in the days. We are used to working, day in and day out in the comfort of our office with a secured employment tenure. I have also experienced that myself for eight years. I was lucky enough that I decided to switch from being an employee to a freelancer two years ago.

Freelancing requires no diploma, well-known exclusive schools, and age limit. It is an excellent venue to show off your expertise and skills then generate a decent income from it. Sounds great, right? 

Direct effects of the pandemic to us: 

  1. No work or no business;
  2. Skeletal staffing (if you are lucky enough to be considered);
  3. Limited access to no public vehicles at all;
  4. No clients/customers (if you are working for retail and something similar);
  5. Higher risk of infection by exposing yourself to the public.

Now, let me ask you again. Do you fully accept that you are currently living in the new normal? You must. 

This is exactly the reason why I decided to come up with an online learning hub called – Dynamic Pitch. It started with a vision that turned into a mission. To guide anyone, especially my fellow Filipinos to move out of their comfort zone and still succeed during this pandemic. 

We mainly deliver substantial coaching to everyone. We make things possible and achievable for those who are about to begin their home-based careers, switching to freelancing, or enhancing their soft skills in sales, digital marketing, lead generation, etc. We offer discounted and most of the time, free online live sessions with our trainees. I coached the trainees with the experiences and learnings that I had from the past to give them a clear path to their work-from-home journey.

Caesar Bryan Samareta, Founder of Dynamic Pitch, June 2020


Freelancing is NOT for everyone and should not be seen as a sideline or a way to make easy money doing a bit of admin while your kids play around your feet. It is a serious career choice, and you need to be fully committed to doing an excellent job for your clients. And let’s face it. We are living in a different world now. You can do it now or be left behind. That is your personal decision, and I will respect it. 

However, I believe that no one deserves to be left behind in this pandemic. Thank you for taking the time to read this and being part of my journey.